We have some stunning new items for you this week at All Things Vintage. Firstly for the Doulton collectors, another gorgeous piece of Carnival pattern. This time its a coffee pot, and is just lovely with only very light wear to the gilding on the lid. For the teapot collectors, a rare find. A Richard Parrington novelty teapot in the form of a pie, with acorn decoration. I have spent hours trying to research this one, and cannot find another like it. We have the most lovely cake plate from quality manfacturers Gien of Paris. This has the beautiful Volupte floral pattern and comes in its original box. Retail sticker still attached of $205, but you wont pay that here. We also have a lovely Crown Staffordshire trio in the most amazing deep cobalt blue with heavily gilt trim. And lastly, from Waterford crystal, a gorgeous oak leaf small dish, and in its original box. So in short, you have the makings of a lovely tea party here. Coffee and tea, cake and nibbles, and a trio as well!