We have a lovely array of new items in stock again this week at All Things Vintage. Firstly, a stunning Moet & Chandon glass ice bucket. This is made in Italy and is just beautiful. From Studio Anna we have an adorable little dish with a Koala and Joey. We have a gorgeous solid brass Rooster figurine. This would suit many collectors. It has been made as a piece for those that were born in the year of the Cockerel under the Chinese horoscope, but would suit any collector who loves brass figures, anyone who loves hens or rooster figurines, or has a country theme decor in their home. The quality is terrific, this is not a hastily molded, cheap and hollow item. The detail is amazing, down to every last feather. Also new this week is a gorgeous Royal Doulton figurine. This is the hard to find, miniature version, of the balloon seller. It is marked as a second, but I cant see any issues with it. We have a lovely Jasper ware plate with an Australian theme, featuring ‘on the sheep’s back’. And lastly, another pretty xmas item. This lovely decorative watering can was made in England, and has a beautiful holly theme with a tiny Robin. It does have all over clean crazing, but I have had a few of these come through my store, and all have had crazing. I think the glaze on these must be a little brittle, as is the glaze on Royal Winton pieces, and the crazing is just part of how they go after a few years. There is no other damage and it is such a pretty item.