Its all things pretty in pink this week at All Things Vintage, and because xmas is creeping ever closer, Ive added an extra item just for good measure. Firstly, we have the most stunning small teapot. This is made by Royal Devonshire, and I believe they are an Asian brand, but this is English quality, and the pattern is just beautiful. Its called Belle Fleur (beautiful flower). We have two stunning items from Royal Albert, a trio in the gorgeous American beauty pattern, and a tab handled cake plate in the superb Lady Carlyle pattern. From Adderley in England we have a gorgeous cake or sandwich plate in pink, with a floral pattern and gilt trim. We have a beautiful cranberry glass bird from Fenton, and the last thing I have added is a lovely large coffee mug. This is from Maxwell and Williams. It is a discontinued pattern in the native Australia range, and features a gorgeous Cocky in gum and wattle. Its fits perfectly with the pink theme this week, and is also a lovely cheapie for a last minute gift, or just for yourself.