We are so pleased to have once again been able to source some stunning items for you here at All Things Vintage. Firstly from Fenton, we have the most glorious large basket vase. This is from the Country Cranberry range, and is a superb large piece. We have two stunning items from Royal Crown Derby. A gorgeous antique Kings pattern demitasse to match the sugar and creamer from last week, and also another sugar and creamer set, this time in the beautiful Derby posies pattern. From Empire china we have a stunning Crinoline Lady plate. This dates to the 1930’s and has a striking large fan shape, not often seen. We have a stunning Geisha teapot. Now this is quite a modern piece, but it is just so lovely I could not resist showing it to you. It is heavily gilt, and has a different Geisha scene on each side, so you can display the way you like most. And lastly, we have lovely brass horse figurine. This is also from the Chinese Zodiac series, but any horse lover would just adore this, it is highly detailed and fantastic quality.